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Design Services

My passion is in designing graphics, websites and eBay pages. I'm a Certified eBay Stores Designer in that directory under my long-time design name Milo Design. On eBay, I sell my design services as GOing1nceLLC. I keep on top of eBay's policies so your design won't break or be refused by eBay. I constantly research best practices for eBay and e-commerce so I can provide you with design that will serve your customers and please you. Whether you want a logo for your eBay store or a comprehensive eBay design package, I'd love to work with you! (Please see my eBay design portfolio thru the above link.)

  • eBay Store logo - logo in eBay's store logo default size of 310 x 90 pixels, customized for your eBay business
  • eBay Store custom header - custom-designed store header (with logo if desired)
  • eBay Store custom page - custom-designed store pages; landing page, FAQ, information, etc.
  • eBay Store custom navigation - custom-designed search & store categories
  • eBay Store custom promotion box - custom-designed promotion box to feature info, specials, etc. (eBay also has standard promotion box design available.)
  • eBay custom About Me page design - custom-designed About Me page
  • eBay custom listing template design - custom-designed template to use in various listing tools
  • Website design - custom design for your informational website
  • Logo design - custom logo to brand your business

Anatomy of an eBay store home page...

For eBay store design, it's important to know what the different parts of a store are called:

If you're interested in any of the above & I don't currently have a listing on eBay for that, please email me & we'll set something up!